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Earth Day … and Exploration

By April 22, 2013No Comments

Happy Earth Day 2013 from all of us at Blue Marble Exploration!

As you already know, this is a very special day, where millions of people around the world pause to appreciate our home planet … our “Blue Marble”.

This also gives us another opportunity to reflect on why it is so imperative for us humans to continue exploring. To paraphrase several prominent environmentalists:

If we do not explore, we cannot study.
If we do not study, we cannot understand.
If we do not understand, we cannot protect.
And if we do not protect, we will not survive.

Or, as our friend Eric Stackpole of OpenROV once said,
Science seeks answers. Exploration seeks questions.

The act of exploration–actively going to places we have not been previously for the purpose of discovery–is an innately human characteristic that is deeply ingrained in our DNA. It is a survival instinct. Perhaps not every individual possesses the “exploration gene”, but as a species our very future absolutely depends on some of us overcoming our natural fear of the unknown to “boldly go where no one has gone before”. And this is our guiding passion at BME.

To get your “Earth Week” started on a positive note, we encourage you to follow a very special program today at 12pm noon Eastern. The good folks at National Geographic are hosting a Google+ Hangout with explorers covering land, sea, and sky. It should be a terrific event.

Have a wonderful Earth Day/Week … and we hope you continue to explore our Blue Marble!