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Photo: Pioneers/JFDI

CEO of Blue Marble Exploration Guillermo Söhnlein, took his enthusiasm for exploration to a new stage May 24-25 — the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria. Under the roof of the 500-year-old Hofburg Imperial Palace, the festival welcomed a global community of 2,500 bold pioneers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors, all who have their eyes set on the future of investigatory human technology.

Guillermo shared the stage during an exclusive panel discussion with other remarkable explorers, including Jonathan Knowles, on faculty at Singularity University, who moderated a dynamic discussion with Global Ocean Exploration’s Gaelin Rosenwaks and Aquatica Submarines’ Harvey Flemming.

The two-day festival hosted over 100 events, including discussions, demonstrations, and exhibits showcasing innovative technologies that challenge the bounds of humanity’s understanding of the universe — but at the kickoff of the entire program was BME’s panel: “Exploration of New Spaces.”

Photo: Pioneers/JFDI

The event program for “Exploration of New Spaces” invited participants to join the discussion with the panel, “…on how new technologies are taking more people more places, leading to more new discoveries, providing more opportunities than ever before, and empowering the explorer in everyone.”

From using lasers to create 3D maps of the ocean floor, to exploring with underwater drones that recognize sea-life species in real-time, Guillermo and panel-members didn’t just discuss what “could be” of the exploratory technologies of the future; they also examined the very real technologies of today that Blue Marble and others are employing to help us understand Earth and even the universe.

There’s no denying it: Humans long to explore,” the event program read. “We’ve been doing it a very, very, very long time. And the more we do it, the more we realize how much we have yet to explore.”

You can find Guillermo and BME continuing to energize and inspire humans about today’s and tomorrow’s exploratory technologies on panels and keynote talks around the world.

That, or they’re busy exploring the blue.