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Born from a philosophy of “functional elegance” and a striking balance between comfort and stability, the “Stingray” line of manned submersibles from Aquatica aren’t just eye-catching in candy-red. They’re user-friendly and surprisingly economical, too.

So when Guillermo Söhnlein first laid eyes on the iconic dome-shaped submarines, his first thought was, “How can BME and Aquatica collaborate?”

His second was, “How soon can I get in one?”

July 30, 2018, as it turned out. Over the span of two days, Guillermo visited Vancouver, Canada, where he joined Aquatica on a short, exhilarating dive in a Stingray submarine. Designed to carry 3-5 people down to 500-3,300 feet, the submarine’s performance was dream-like, even in poor visibility.

With BME’s enthusiasm for exploration and Aquatica’s skilled team and beautifully designed submarines, can you imagine what they could do together?