Only 5% of the ocean has been seen by humans

We’re on our way to explore the rest

Our team has made five trips to space, summited Mt. Everest, traversed the poles and touched the ocean floor while testing the limits of human ability in pursuit of science and discovery.

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Plunge Into The Abyss

The first descent of a manned submersible into Dean’s Blue Hole.

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Fear No Limit


Expedition Update: Farallon Islands

On October 22-25, 2016, a partnership between OceanGate Foundation and NOAA's National Marine Sanctuaries mounted an exciting expedition to explore the depths around the Farallon…

Exploring Volcanoes to Save Lives

Last month BME's co-founder and Chief Explorer, Scott Parazynski, participated in an incredible expedition led by Sam Cossman of Qwake. The team went where no…
Emerging Explorer

From Spacecrafts to Submarines

My career in the commercial spaceflight industry has long afforded meaningful intersections with the broader exploration community. Organizations like The Explorers Club have helped to…
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