Only 5% of the ocean has been seen by humans

We’re on our way to explore the rest

Our team has made five trips to space, summited Mt. Everest, traversed the poles and touched the ocean floor while testing the limits of human ability in pursuit of science and discovery.

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Plunge Into The Abyss

The first descent of a manned submersible into Dean’s Blue Hole.

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BME Dives Deep With Aquatica in Stingray Submarine

Born from a philosophy of “functional elegance” and a striking balance between comfort and stability, the “Stingray” line of manned submersibles from Aquatica aren’t just…

NewSpace Atlantic: BME Examines Intersection of Entrepreneurs, Exploration

Just a few days after sharing the stage with other enthusiastic explorers at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria, CEO of Blue Marble Exploration Guillermo…

BME Kicks off the Pioneers Festival

CEO of Blue Marble Exploration Guillermo Söhnlein, took his enthusiasm for exploration to a new stage May 24-25 — the Pioneers Festival 2018 in Vienna,…
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