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Our Expedition Partners

ProTek All Terrain Watches by Time Concepts are the official dive watch of Blue Marble Exploration’s descent of The Sapphire Abyss because they are “rugged at heart” and built to handle what life demands in any environment.

ProTek is a new American brand of tritium tactical and sports watches, designed in Switzerland and conceived by the former owner and founder of Luminox. ProTek is designed for a similar audience including Law Enforcement, SWAT, Tactical, Military, Special Forces, Fire Fighters, and First Responders. Manufactured with the best quality components available in clean-room conditions, ProTek’s process ensures years of problem-free wear across their Carbon Composite Case dive series, Steel dive series and Titanium field series. Lightweight and comfortable, the brand features a superlative self-powered illumination system that glows continuously for 25 years without a need to “charge” the dial with an external light source.  They just glow on their own so you can see time-at-a-glance no matter the light condition including complete darkness.

Check out the ProTek website for more information and use the promo code SAPPHIREABYSS for a 20% discount. 

Deep Trekker is one of the world’s industry leaders in the field of automated and piloted robots, including underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), pipeline crawlers, and unmanned ground vehicles. Their lineup of ROVs range from super-portable inspection class to larger utility vessels.

For Sapphire Abyss, our team will be using two Revolution ROVs to conduct a robotic recon mission into the depths of Dean’s Blue Hole. We will use the onboard camera to collect video footage and also additional science payloads to collect data for researchers and sub operations.

Please check out the Deep Trekker website for more information.