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NewSpace Atlantic: BME Examines Intersection of Entrepreneurs, Exploration

By September 9, 2018 No Comments

Just a few days after sharing the stage with other enthusiastic explorers at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria, CEO of Blue Marble Exploration Guillermo
Söhnlein headed out to Lisbon, Portugal, to deliver another absorbing keynote. This time, at NewSpace Atlantic.

Over the course of May 28-29, Guillermo excited today’s thought leaders from the European space community. He focused on the connections among exploration, technology, and entrepreneurship — especially where space and oceans intersect.

Guillermo’s speech fit firmly into the the summit, organized by the Space Frontier Foundation on behalf of Portugal’s Minister for Science Technology and Higher Education. The summit as a whole highlighted the role of entrepreneurs in the future of space economy, particularly how it pertains to to the minister’s recently drafted long-term strategic plan: Portugal Space 2030.

space-savvy plan contains four strategic objectives: to promote economic growth and new jobs in Portugal; to generate satellite data and make Portugal a “stronger player in the space sector;” to strengthen and contribute to diplomatic relations and international scientific cooperation; and to secure the evolution of the “legal, financial, institutional, cultural/education internationalization frameworks” through the next decade.

There’s no doubt BME and the Portugal’s Minister for Science Technology and Higher Education share a similar dream: to not only lead the future of human technology, but also to illustrate exploration’s ability to reshape, redefine, and reinvigorate a community.