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Emerging Explorer: Erika Bergman

By August 20, 2013 No Comments

As a lifelong storyteller turned manned submersible pilot, Erika Bergman is inspiring a new generation of ocean explorers as a Blue Marble Exploration Emerging Explorer.

After studying chemical oceanography at the University of Washington, Erika worked as a diesel engineer aboard the tall ship S/V Lady Washington and as a steam ship engineer aboard the S/S Virginia V. Most recently, as a submersible pilot and engineer, Erika completed exploration, research and filmmaking sub dives in Washington, California, and Florida with OceanGate and ExploreOcean. An avid SCUBA and free diver, she spends most of her time underwater working with tools or behind the lens of her video camera.

Earlier this year, Erika was named a National Geographic Young Explorer and is thrilled to share manned submersible dives and discoveries with educators and students. Erika hopes to inspire enthusiasm for ocean awareness using direct observation and storytelling to make ocean concepts more familiar for a global audience.

Follow Erika’s Expeditions

This week, August 19-25, Erika is embarking on her first expedition funded by a National Geographic Young Explorer grant, sponsored by Blue Marble Exploration. The first of two expeditions to explore deep reef corals in the Caribbean Sea, Erika will be diving along the southwestern shore of Curacao in the Curasub manned submersible.

Bringing the deep sea to the classroom, Erika will be hosting live Google+ Hangouts with educators and students and answering questions on Twitter @erika_bergman.

Expedition updates will also be posted to her blog, Deep Blue From Below and National Geographic’s Explorer’s Journal. Follow along as Erika explores the deep reefs of Curacao!